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Download a high-resolution labeled map of Russia as PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and AI. The map comes in black and white as well as colored versions. It shows the country’s first-level administrative divisions which comprise Federal Subjects. The JPG file has a white background whereas the PNG file has a transparent background. Russia map is fully editable and printable.

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Are you looking for a detailed and accurate labeled map of Russia? Our digital product is the perfect solution! Our labeled map of Russia provides an easy-to-read and visually appealing representation of Russia’s federal subjects. Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a designer, our map will provide you with what you need.

Features of the Labeled Map of Russia

  • Available in Black and white and colored versions.
  • Formats include PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and AI, all bundled in a zip file.
  • Clearly labeled federal subjects for easy reference.

Is Russia labeled map editable?

Yes, our labeled map of Russia is editable, which means you can make changes to the map to suit your specific needs. The map is available in SVG and AI formats, which are vector file formats that allow for easy editing using software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Is Russia labeled map printable?

Yes, our labeled map of Russia is printable, and it is available in high-resolution PDF format. The high resolution of the map ensures that it will be clear and legible even when printed in larger sizes.

About Russia

What are Russia’s states called?

Russia is divided into federal subjects, not states. The country¬†has 83 federal subjects. These federal subjects are divided into nine different categories, including 46 oblasts (provinces), 21 republics, nine krais (territories), four autonomous okrugs (districts), one autonomous oblast, and two federal cities. Our labeled map of Russia clearly shows each of these federal subjects and their labels, making it easy to understand the country’s complex administrative structure.

List of Federal Subjects in Russia

  1. Republic of Adygea
  2. Republic of Altai
  3. Altai Krai
  4. Amur Oblast
  5. Arkhangelsk Oblast
  6. Astrakhan Oblast
  7. Republic of Bashkortostan
  8. Belgorod Oblast
  9. Bryansk Oblast
  10. Republic of Buryatia
  11. Chechen Republic
  12. Chelyabinsk Oblast
  13. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug
  14. Chuvash Republic
  15. Irkutsk Oblast
  16. Ivanovo Oblast
  17. Jewish Autonomous Oblast
  18. Kabardino-Balkar Republic
  19. Kaliningrad Oblast
  20. Republic of Kalmykia
  21. Kaluga Oblast
  22. Kamchatka Krai
  23. Karachay-Cherkess Republic
  24. Republic of Karelia
  25. Kemerovo Oblast
  26. Khabarovsk Krai
  27. Republic of Khakassia
  28. Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug ‚Äď Yugra
  29. Kirov Oblast
  30. Komi Republic
  31. Kostroma Oblast
  32. Krasnodar Krai
  33. Krasnoyarsk Krai
  34. Kurgan Oblast
  35. Kursk Oblast
  36. Leningrad Oblast
  37. Lipetsk Oblast
  38. Magadan Oblast
  39. Republic of Mari El
  40. Republic of Mordovia
  41. Moscow
  42. Moscow Oblast
  43. Murmansk Oblast
  44. Nenets Autonomous Okrug
  45. Nizhny Novgorod Oblast
  46. North Ossetia‚ÄďAlania Republic
  47. Novgorod Oblast
  48. Novosibirsk Oblast
  49. Omsk Oblast
  50. Orenburg Oblast
  51. Oryol Oblast
  52. Penza Oblast
  53. Perm Krai
  54. Primorsky Krai
  55. Pskov Oblast
  56. Rostov Oblast
  57. Ryazan Oblast
  58. Saint Petersburg
  59. Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
  60. Sakhalin Oblast
  61. Republic of North Ossetia‚ÄďAlania
  62. Samara Oblast
  63. Saratov Oblast
  64. Republic of Tatarstan
  65. Smolensk Oblast
  66. Stavropol Krai
  67. Sverdlovsk Oblast
  68. Tambov Oblast
  69. Republic of Tatarstan
  70. Tomsk Oblast
  71. Tula Oblast
  72. Tuva Republic
  73. Tver Oblast
  74. Tyumen Oblast
  75. Udmurt Republic
  76. Ulyanovsk Oblast
  77. Vladimir Oblast
  78. Volgograd Oblast
  79. Vologda Oblast
  80. Voronezh Oblast
  81. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
  82. Yaroslavl Oblast
  83. Zabaykalsky Krai

The largest Federal Subject

The largest federal subject in Russia is the Sakha Republic, also known as Yakutia. This republic is located in the far eastern part of Russia and covers an area of over 3.1 million square kilometers. It is larger than India and comprises about 20% of the total land area of Russia. Despite its size, the population of Sakha Republic is relatively small, with only around one million people.

Countries neighboring Russia

Russia shares borders with 14 countries. These countries include Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and North Korea.

The population of Russia

Russia is the ninth most populous country in the world, with a population of approximately 144 million people. The majority of the population lives in urban areas, with Moscow being the most populous city. However, Russia’s population has been declining in recent years due to low birth rates and emigration.

Russia’s official language

The official language of Russia is Russian. It is spoken by the majority of the population and is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Russian is an East Slavic language and is closely related to Ukrainian and Belarusian.

Ethnic groups in Russia

Russia is a multi-ethnic country, with over 190 different ethnic groups. The largest ethnic group is Russian, which makes up around 80% of the population. Other significant ethnic groups include Tatars, Ukrainians, Bashkirs, Chuvash, Chechens, and Armenians.

Why download our Russia Labeled map

Downloading our labeled map of Russia comes with several benefits that make it an invaluable resource for a variety of purposes. Here’s why you should consider downloading our Russia labeled map:

  • Precision and Detail: Meticulously crafted for accuracy, our map provides clear identification of Russia’s federal subjects.
  • Educational Use: Ideal for students, teachers, and researchers, enhancing understanding in classrooms, presentations, and research projects.
  • Professional Presentations: Adds a polished visual element for effective communication in professional reports, presentations, and articles.
  • Customizable Formats: Editable in SVG and AI, allowing personalized adjustments such as labels, colors, and resizing.
  • File Format Flexibility: Available in PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and AI formats for compatibility with various platforms.
  • Printable Convenience: High-resolution formats (PDF, JPG, PNG) enable easy printing for tangible references at home, print shops, or online services.


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