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Download a high-resolution labeled map of China as PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and AI. The map comes in black and white as well as colored versions. It shows provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities.

The JPG file has a white background whereas the PNG file has a transparent background.

China map is fully editable and printable.

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China is a vast country with a rich history, culture, and great people. Understanding China’s administrative divisions is crucial to anyone studying China’s geography. A labeled map of China is a useful resource that can help you identify the different provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities.

Formats Available for our Labeled Map of China

The labeled map of China is available in different file formats, making it flexible and adaptable to different devices and preferences. Here are the different file formats available:

  • PDF: The PDF format is ideal for printing the map on paper or viewing it on a computer.
  • JPG: The JPG format is suitable for online use, including websites and social media platforms.
  • PNG: The PNG format is ideal for online use, including websites and social media platforms. It offers high-quality images with transparent backgrounds.
  • SVG: The SVG format is suitable for editing the map in vector graphics software, including Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. You can also embed the SVG into an HTML document.
  • AI: The AI format is suitable for editing the map in Adobe Illustrator.

Is our labeled map of China vector-based?

Yes, our labeled map of China is available in SVG and AI formats, which are vector-based formats. Vector-based formats are ideal for maps because they are scalable and maintain their quality even when resized. They are also editable, which makes it easy to make changes to the map as needed.

In contrast, raster-based formats like JPG or PNG are not scalable and can become pixelated or blurry when resized, making them less suitable for maps that require high levels of detail.

About China

Where is China on the World Map?

China is located in eastern Asia and has the largest population in the world. It is bordered by 14 countries, including North Korea, Russia, India, and Vietnam, as well as the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the South China Sea.

Different Administrative Divisions in China

China has 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities, and two special administrative regions. Here is a list of China’s level one administrative divisions, specifying if it is a province, autonomous region, or municipality and including alternative names for the divisions:


  1. Anhui (安徽)
  2. Fujian (福建)
  3. Gansu (甘肃)
  4. Guangdong (广东)
  5. Guizhou (贵州)
  6. Hainan (海南)
  7. Hebei (河北)
  8. Heilongjiang (黑龙江)
  9. Henan (河南)
  10. Hubei (湖北)
  11. Hunan (湖南)
  12. Jiangsu (江苏)
  13. Jiangxi (江西)
  14. Jilin (吉林)
  15. Liaoning (辽宁)
  16. Qinghai (青海)
  17. Shaanxi (陕西)
  18. Shandong (山东)
  19. Shanxi (山西)
  20. Sichuan (四川)
  21. Yunnan (云南)
  22. Zhejiang (浙江)

Autonomous Regions:

  1. Guangxi (广西)
  2. Inner Mongolia (内
  3. Ningxia (宁夏)
  4. Tibet (西藏)
  5. Xinjiang (新疆)


  1. Beijing (北京)
  2. Chongqing (重庆)
  3. Shanghai (上海)
  4. Tianjin (天津)

Special Administrative Regions:

  1. Hong Kong (香港)
  2. Macau (澳门)

Alternative Names for the Administrative Divisions

It is important to note that China’s administrative divisions have alternative names that are commonly used in different contexts. Here are some of the alternative names for China’s level-one administrative divisions:

  • Beijing: Jing (京)
  • Chongqing: Yu (渝)
  • Fujian: Min (闽)
  • Gansu: Long (陇)
  • Guangdong: Yue (粤)
  • Guangxi: Gui (桂)
  • Guizhou: Qian (黔)
  • Hainan: Qiong (琼)
  • Hebei: Ji (冀)
  • Heilongjiang: Hei (黑)
  • Henan: Yu (豫)
  • Hubei: E (鄂)
  • Hunan: Xiang (湘)
  • Inner Mongolia: Nei Mongol (内蒙古)
  • Jiangsu: Su (苏)
  • Jiangxi: Gan (赣)
  • Jilin: Ji (吉)
  • Liaoning: Liao (辽)
  • Ningxia: Ning (宁)
  • Qinghai: Qing (靑)
  • Shaanxi: Qin (秦)
  • Shandong: Lu (鲁)
  • Shanxi: Jin (晋)
  • Sichuan: Chuan (川)
  • Xinjiang: Xin (新)
  • Yunnan: Dian (滇)
  • Zhejiang: Zhe (浙)

The Population of China

As of 2021, China has a population of approximately 1.4 billion people, making it the most populous country in the world. The country’s population is concentrated in its major cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

The Size of China

China is the third-largest country in the world, covering approximately 9.6 million square kilometers. It has a diverse geography, including mountains, plateaus, deserts, and plains.


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