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Download a high-resolution labeled county map of Florida as PDFJPGPNGSVG, and AI. The map shows Florida with 67 counties. It comes in black and white as well as colored versions.

The JPG file has a white background whereas the PNG file has a transparent background.

Florida labeled map is fully editable and printable.

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Usage info ⓘ Upon purchase, you can utilize this map for any project. Whether personal, educational, or commercial.
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Are you looking for a versatile Labeled map of Florida? Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or a business professional, this downloadable map, available in both black and white and vividly colored versions, is meticulously designed to cater to your map needs.

File Formats that come with our map


Ideal for high-quality prints and presentations, the PDF format ensures that every detail of the labeled map is captured with precision.

JPG and PNG:

Perfect for digital use, including websites and online presentations. Choose the format that seamlessly integrates into your digital projects.


A scalable vector format, allows you to resize the map without losing quality. Ideal for customization and embedding into websites.

AI (Adobe Illustrator):

For advanced editing and customization, the AI format is perfect for those who want to tailor the map to specific needs or add their creative touch.

What you are getting with our Florida map

1. High-quality and accurate labeling

Immerse yourself in the intricate details of Florida’s geography with our labeled map. Every county is carefully outlined to provide you with a clear and accurate representation.

2. Versatile Color Options:

Choose between the classic black and white design or the vibrant colored version to suit your preferences. Our map is designed to fit a variety of different applications.

3. Multiple File Formats:

Convenience is key. Our Florida labeled map is available in PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and AI formats, all bundled in a zip file. This ensures compatibility with various devices and platforms, making it accessible to everyone.

4. Ease of Download:

Downloading our labeled map is a breeze. We prioritize your time, providing you with quick access to all versions of the map in a zip file. Checkout in a few clicks and get access to the download file.

Why Download the Labeled Map of Florida?

Educational Resource:

For students and educators, our labeled map serves as an invaluable educational resource. Enhance your lessons, presentations, or assignments related to Florida’s counties, transforming learning into a visual and interactive experience.

Business Applications:

Business professionals can utilize our labeled map for market analysis, presentations, or territory delineation. Gain a spatial understanding of Florida’s administrative regions.

Publication Resource:

Content creators and publishers, rejoice! Our labeled map is a valuable resource for articles, reports, and publications, ensuring accurate and visually appealing representations of Florida’s counties.

Is the Florida Labeled Map Printable and Editable?

Absolutely! Our labeled map of Florida is designed for both print and digital use. Whether you need a physical copy for reference or want to customize the map for specific purposes, we’ve got you covered.

How to Print the Florida County Map

Printing the Florida county map is a simple process when using Adobe Acrobat Reader:

  1. Open the PDF File: Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader and open the Florida labeled map PDF file.
  2. Check Print Settings: Click on “File” and then “Print.” Ensure that the paper size and orientation match your preferences. Adjust any other print settings as needed.
  3. Page Sizing & Handling: Choose the “Actual Size” option to ensure that the map is printed in its true dimensions. You can also select “Fit” or “Shrink oversized pages” depending on your printing preferences.
  4. Color or Grayscale: Select whether you want to print the map in color or grayscale, depending on your preference and printer capabilities.
  5. Print: Click the “Print” button to start the printing process. Wait for the printer to complete the job.
  6. Check Print Quality: Once printed, check the quality of the map. Ensure that details are clear, and the map is easily readable.

How to Edit the Florida County Map

Editing the map is a seamless process:

  1. Open the SVG or AI File: Utilize vector graphic editing software like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape to open the SVG or AI file.
  2. Select the Element to Edit: Choose the county or element you wish to modify or highlight.
  3. Apply Changes: Use the editing tools within the software to make adjustments, change colors, or add labels.
  4. Save Your Changes: Once satisfied with your edits, save the file with a new name to preserve the original.

Get to know Florida State

Florida, the Sunshine State, is the 22nd largest state in the U.S., spanning approximately 65,755 square miles. Home to iconic attractions like Disney World and the Everglades, it offers a unique blend of nature and entertainment. With a tropical climate, rich culture, and a mix of retirees and young professionals, Florida captures the essence of coastal living.

What is the Capital of Florida?

The capital of Florida is Tallahassee. It is strategically located in the northern part of the state, offering a rich blend of history and modern governance.

How many Florida counties are there?

As shown on our map, there are 67 counties in Florida. Here is a list of Florida counties in alphabetical order:

  1. Alachua
  2. Baker
  3. Bay
  4. Bradford
  5. Brevard
  6. Broward
  7. Calhoun
  8. Charlotte
  9. Citrus
  10. Clay
  11. Collier
  12. Columbia
  13. DeSoto
  14. Dixie
  15. Duval
  16. Escambia
  17. Flagler
  18. Franklin
  19. Gadsden
  20. Gilchrist
  21. Glades
  22. Gulf
  23. Hamilton
  24. Hardee
  25. Hendry
  26. Hernando
  27. Highlands
  28. Hillsborough
  29. Holmes
  30. Indian River
  31. Jackson
  32. Jefferson
  33. Lafayette
  34. Lake
  35. Lee
  36. Leon
  37. Levy
  38. Liberty
  39. Madison
  40. Manatee
  41. Marion
  42. Martin
  43. Miami-Dade
  44. Monroe
  45. Nassau
  46. Okaloosa
  47. Okeechobee
  48. Orange
  49. Osceola
  50. Palm Beach
  51. Pasco
  52. Pinellas
  53. Polk
  54. Putnam
  55. Santa Rosa
  56. Sarasota
  57. Seminole
  58. St. Johns
  59. St. Lucie
  60. Sumter
  61. Suwannee
  62. Taylor
  63. Union
  64. Volusia
  65. Wakulla
  66. Walton
  67. Washington

Where is Florida on the US Map?

Nestled in the southeastern region of the United States, Florida is a peninsula bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Straits of Florida to the south.

Florida’s Neighboring States

The state of Florida is only bordered by two states:

  • Alabama – to the Northwest
  • Georgia – to the North

Major Cities in Florida

Some of the major cities in Florida include:

  1. Jacksonville
  2. Miami
  3. Tampa
  4. Orlando
  5. St. Petersburg
  6. Tallahassee
  7. Fort Lauderdale
  8. West Palm Beach
  9. Naples
  10. Sarasota


Embark on a visual journey through Florida’s diverse counties with our labeled map of Florida —a seamless blend of information and aesthetics. Perfect for students, teachers, and professionals, it’s a gateway to Sunshine State exploration. Download now to navigate Florida’s counties with clarity and precision.



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