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Download a high-resolution labeled county map of California as PDFJPGPNGSVG, and AI. The map shows California with counties. It comes in black and white as well as colored versions. The JPG file has a white background whereas the PNG file has a transparent background. California labeled map is fully editable and printable.

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Welcome to our comprehensive California labeled map – your ultimate digital guide to the Golden State’s counties. Whether you’re a student, teacher, researcher, or simply a geography enthusiast, this downloadable map offers clear labeling of the counties of California. With a user-friendly design, our map is available in both black and white and colored versions, catering to different preferences.

Why Download California Labeled Map

Unparalleled Accuracy

Our California county map stands out for its meticulous detailing and accuracy. Each county is distinctly labeled, allowing you to learn and study the state’s geography with ease. Whether you’re planning a research project or educational presentation, or just want to enhance your understanding of California’s counties, our map is the perfect tool.

Versatility in Use

No matter your purpose, our labeled map is versatile and applicable in various scenarios. Teachers can use it as an educational aid, students can include it in their projects, and businesses can incorporate it into presentations. The possibilities are endless, making our labeled map an essential addition to your digital resources.

Convenient File Formats

To ensure compatibility with your preferred applications, our California labeled map is available in multiple file formats, all bundled conveniently in a zip file. Choose from PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG, and AI formats, offering flexibility and accessibility. The zip file structure makes it easy to organize and access the files, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users of all technical levels.

File Formats

PDF: Portable Document Format

The PDF version of our labeled map is ideal for presentations, reports, and printing. Maintain high-quality resolution and detailed labeling whether you’re viewing the map on a digital device or printing a hard copy.

JPG: High-Quality Image Format

The JPG format ensures a high-quality image suitable for digital use, such as websites, blogs, or social media. The compressed file size makes it easy to share without compromising on clarity and detail.

PNG: Transparent Background for Designers

For graphic designers and creative projects, the PNG format with a transparent background allows seamless integration into various designs. Use it in overlays, presentations, or any project where a transparent background is crucial.

SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalability is the key feature of the SVG format. Whether you’re viewing the map on a small screen or projecting it on a large display, the vector graphics ensure a sharp and clear image without pixelation.

AI: Editable Vector Format

The AI (Adobe Illustrator) format is perfect for those who want to customize and edit the map. Tweak colors, add labels, or incorporate additional elements – the editable vector format gives you complete control over the map’s appearance.

How to Edit California Labeled Map

Customizing our labeled map to suit your specific needs is a straightforward process, especially with the AI format. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the AI File:
    • Launch Adobe Illustrator on your computer.
    • Open the California county map AI file from the downloaded zip folder.
  2. Modify Colors and Shapes:
    • Adjust colors or modify shapes as needed.
    • Utilize the drawing and color tools in Adobe Illustrator for comprehensive customization.
  3. Save Your Changes:
    • Once you’ve made the desired edits, save the file with a new name to preserve the original map or export to various file formats.

Is California Labeled Map Printable?

Absolutely! Our labeled map is designed with printability in mind. Whether you prefer the traditional black and white version for a classic look or the vibrant colored version for added visual appeal, the map retains its quality when printed. Choose the PDF format for the best printing results, ensuring that your hard copies reflect the same level of detail and accuracy as the digital version.

How many Counties are in California?

California is home to 58 counties, each with its unique characteristics and contributions to the state’s rich tapestry. Here is a list of counties in California in alphabetical order:

  1. Alameda
  2. Alpine
  3. Amador
  4. Butte
  5. Calaveras
  6. Colusa
  7. Contra Costa
  8. Del Norte
  9. El Dorado
  10. Fresno
  11. Glenn
  12. Humboldt
  13. Imperial
  14. Inyo
  15. Kern
  16. Kings
  17. Lake
  18. Lassen
  19. Los Angeles
  20. Madera
  21. Marin
  22. Mariposa
  23. Mendocino
  24. Merced
  25. Modoc
  26. Mono
  27. Monterey
  28. Napa
  29. Nevada
  30. Orange
  31. Placer
  32. Plumas
  33. Riverside
  34. Sacramento
  35. San Benito
  36. San Bernardino
  37. San Diego
  38. San Francisco
  39. San Joaquin
  40. San Luis Obispo
  41. San Mateo
  42. Santa Barbara
  43. Santa Clara
  44. Santa Cruz
  45. Shasta
  46. Sierra
  47. Siskiyou
  48. Solano
  49. Sonoma
  50. Stanislaus
  51. Sutter
  52. Tehama
  53. Trinity
  54. Tulare
  55. Tuolumne
  56. Ventura
  57. Yolo
  58. Yuba



In conclusion, our California labeled map is a valuable digital resource for anyone interested in exploring the diverse counties of the Golden State. With detailed labeling, versatile file formats, and the option for customization, this map is a must-have for educators, students, and enthusiasts alike. Download your copy today.


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